In the Tourism Co-operative, we will maintain the shared starting point when setting the direction for the future. The Co-operative’s code of conduct form the framework of our work: We do not just want tourism to South Zealand and Møn, but for South Zealand and Møn. We want to promote tourism that makes South Zealand and Møn an even better place to live because there are exciting jobs, unique experiences and diverse cultural offerings. We want to show that you can enjoy and protect nature at the same time. We want tourism that improves quality of life and wellbeing in South Zealand and Møn, and we want to invite the world to experience both. Finally, we want community; everyone joins forces on our shared journey.

Based on the trends we are seeing in the post-pandemic markets around us, we have formulated five future tracks, giving movement, direction, and goals for our work in the years leading up to 2024. For each of these tracks, we define our core missions, set new goals as a basis for our forward-looking action plans and organise activities with our owner municipalities and business partners.



The role of VISM:
A core mission for VISM is to ensure a strong co-operative foundation for tourism development, where everyone who can do so feels that they should contribute to the community. VISM must continuously facilitate dialogue about the goals and meaning, direction and framework of tourism in South Zealand and Møn. We must be co-authors and communicators of the new positive stories about South Zealand and Møn.

We believe we can make a difference by...

• Approaching tourism development as an open and ongoing conversation

• Being a co-author and a channel for the new narratives about South Zealand and Møn

• Contributing to bringing the co-operative closer together and becoming even more skilled

• Demonstrating when we are best together



The role of VISM:
We must take co-responsibility for South Zealand and Møn’s natural values. We must cooperate with green/environmental organisations and local stakeholders on the basic premise of ‘protect and use’ when we work with nature as an experience product, whether as a setting for outdoor sports, hiking, sailing, camping or picnicking (as also described in the Development Plan for Zealand and the Islands). At the same time, we want more than to just conserve. We want to promote nature – to create more nature and ensure that tourism has a role to play in supporting this.

We believe we can make a difference by..

• Collaborating with green/environmental organisations

• Contributing to creating new nature, new places and experiences in nature

• Initiating measures to encourage guests to demonstrate more responsible behaviour in nature

• Marketing experiences outside of the high season

• Focusing on gathering knowledge about the needs and preferences of target groups with an interest in sustainable (nature) experiences



The role of VISM:
Five years as a DMO for South Zealand and Møn has taught us that we build our Co-operative destination on local strength, pride and individuality. For this reason, VISM must be locally rooted in dialogue and co-creation with the locals.

We believe we can make a difference by..

• Facilitating the ongoing conversation

• Ensuring local representation in the Tourism Co-operative

• Developing and strengthening authentic local hospitality

• Basing activities on local clusters



The role of VISM:
VISM has a core mission to profile South Zealand and Møn as a comprehensive destination, and therefore it has a central responsibility to ensure that the marketing is differentiated, creative and courageous. At the same time, we are aware of the destination marketer’s responsibility towards the local area and cultural identity, and the values that the place represents. Our marketing must be based on our common values of presence and community, balance and sustainability.

We believe we can make a difference by..

• Standing out with a more value-based, credible and creative approach to destination marketing

• Insisting that marketing must make sense – for both the receiver and the sender

• Making our distinctive local identity and communities part of our business tourism offerings



The role of VISM:
VISM must contribute to collective insight, vision and foresight in tourism. We have an important task to ensure that the municipal administrations have a good and relevant understanding of tourism’s potential as leverage for local resources and cross-channel strategies. At the same time, VISM must be a competent knowledge and innovation partner for the Tourism Co-operative’s companies, other organisations and associations.

We believe we can make a difference by..

• Disseminating relevant knowledge and trends to the Tourism Co-operative

• Taking the initiative in development projects that promise co-operative competence and value

FUTURE Key Performance Indicators



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